"My quality of life went from a -2 to a 10!! Dr. Creer has worked a miracle in my life. I am so grateful to have my life back. And it's all thanks to Dr. Creer!! If you can't figure out what's wrong with you, see Dr. Creer and miracles will happen!"

- Eleasha G.

"I have taken my whole family to see Dr. Creer. He has helped my babies, my husband, and myself. He is friendly and gets the job done. We are very pleased with his services."

- Tawna L.

"My wife found Creer Chiropractic for me online and I was super hesitant at first because I hate going to doctors and dentists etc. but this has been an awesome experience. They are super friendly, extremely affordable which was big for me being newly-married, and they treat you good. They spend the time on you to make it so you leave feeling way better. Highly recommend this place."

- Reid P.

"Dr. Creer does a great adjustment. He will target the spots you need and really make you feel/move better! He has helped me and my kids!"

- Austin P.

"Dr. Creer is an angel chiropractor! Those who suffer from sciatica or work a lot with their backs, this is the doc you want. Unlike other chiropractors I have gone to in the past he actually helps you, not hurts you. He's the most affordable and straightforward doctor I've ever been to. He and his staff are wonderful and make you feel at ease no matter how much pain you may be in. He listens to you and has an amazing ability to help each patient with their unique needs. Highest recommendation for this Dr.!"

- Brett P.

"I've gone to Dr. Creer for years and he has been a lifesaver for me! I insisted on following him from his old workplace when he decided to open up his own practice. He is friendly, always listens to feedback, and tries to offer long-term solutions to your problems. Give him a try, you won't regret it!"

- William C.

"Here's the deal: Dr. Creer is literally the best chiropractor. I would follow his practice to the end of the planet. My life and well-being has changed dramatically by having more energy, not feeling sore anymore waking up, and giving me the mobility to care for my kids. He just pops everything, everywhere in your whole spine and neck. What else could you ask for?"

- Aaron T.

"Dr. Creer is amazing! He has helped my wife and me. We have even had our kids adjusted."

- Brandon L.

"Dr. Creer is by far my favorite chiropractor I've ever been to. I have degenerative disk disease and being pregnant has made that pain almost unbearable. He really goes above and beyond instead of just doing a "routine" on all of his patients. He even taught my husband good pressure points to help relieve some of my pain before our cross country road trip. I can't thank him enough. I highly recommend him to anyone trying to find a chiropractor who genuinely cares."

- Keylea S.

"Dustin is awesome! He takes the time to get to know you and is a lot of fun to talk with. He is great at identifying issues and working with you for treatment plans so you can get back to your normal self. He'll answer any questions you have, and he and his staff are great at helping you out your entire visit. I can't recommend Creer Chiropractic enough!"

- Tyler C.

"I always have tension in my back from my daily activities, but ever since coming here regularly, I have felt so much relief! I can be confident that every time I come in, I will be taken care of and leave feeling so much better. Dr. Creer is incredible with his work, very professional and friendly! I couldn't ask for better service."

- Spencer R.

"Dr. Creer is the best! We've followed him around for two years when he was rotating through three different locations - we LOVE how kind and caring he has been to us and our children. We won't go anywhere else!"

- Karen L.

"I sought chiropractic care initially for wellness. I had difficulting walking and sitting. Now it is for maintenance. It has allowed me to walk, sit and get up without pain."

- Sashalai N.

"Dr. Creer is AMAZING! My visits are like a little slice of heaven each week. I have orthostatic hypotension syncope which means that I have low blood pressure and faint often. Since I have started coming my fainting spells have gone from multiple times a day to once a week. I remember one of my first visits I had to have somebody drive me because I felt soo terrible. After my visit I felt like a champion! I ALWAYS leave the office feeling my best. I get more done on the days I come in because I leave feeling so healthy. Thank you Dr. Creer for the gentle and effective healing you provide. My health is improving so much thanks to you."

- Eleasha G.

"Fantastic chiropractic care! The doctor here is very good at what he does and makes the experience comfortable. I feel great afterwards."

- Evan J.

"I get chronic headaches. The only thing that seems to help is consistent chiropractic help. I haven't had any headaches for months. It's awesome and the staff is kind, efficient, and great with my little one who tags along with me."

- Tiffany B.

"Does great work! I've been going to him for a couple of years."

- Jackson H.

"Dr. Creer is so great at what he does! He talks through each thing he is doing very clearly so you know exactly what to expect. The office is clean and beautiful and welcoming. With a few issues going on it could seem overwhelming to talk through a plan for treatment but Dr. Creer made it so simple and I felt completely safe asking questions."

- Laurel S.

"First time in today and Dustin spotted my problem right away and came up with a treatment plan. I was in and out of there in under 15 minutes. If you have a problem, check them out! You won't be disappointed!!!"

- Phil S.

"We wanted a caregiver where ongoing maintenance wasn't downplayed, that had reasonably priced plans, provided superior care, and were friendly and personable. We have the best of everything we sought and are completely satisfied."

- David S.

"Dr. Creer took time to listen to my concerns and help me feel at ease getting adjusted."

- Vivienne L.

"Dr. Creer is an amazing person and amazing chiropractor. Super grateful for him. I always feel 100 after his adjustments."

- Benjamin L.

"I've had lower back surgery, a shattered leg, and even sinus surgery. Dr. Creer has helped in both prep and post-op recovery. My healing has been faster than anticipated every time. I love the maintenance program. I feel better overall because of the care and treatment I receive."

- Wayne L.

"Dr. Creer CHANGED my pregnancy. His adjustments helped so much with the back pain I had."

- Ginelle S.

"Dr. Creer is awesome at what he does! I feel great after my adjustment. I have already recommended Creer Chiropractic to a lot of family who is going elsewhere currently."

- Jordan M.

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